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Analog Tensiometer

An Analog Tensiometer, is principally identical to any other Tensiometer, with one major difference: Instead of having a mechanical gauge there is an Electronic Vacuum sensor which we also name Analog Transducer, that transmits, via cable, vacuum readings to a computerized monitoring or control system.

טנסיונטר אנלוגי זוויתי

Main uses:

  • Continuous, long term follow-up of soil moisture changes with no need of physically being on site.

  • Viewing data anywhere, anytime, by various devices, Such as P.C. Smartphones, Tablets etc..

  • Optional Automatic irrigation start/stop according to soil water condition.


Ami-Tens' Analog sensors are using standard electronic outputs (4-20mA or 0-2V), which are compatible to most monitoring or control systems available in the market.



The device's body – it is the same as all Ami-Tens' tensiometers, whereas beneath the transparent window there is a TEE connector in which the Analog Transducer is screwed.

On top of the device there is a screwed cap for refilling water.

The Analog Vacuum Sensor (Transducer)

Its body is a stainless-steel Cylinder (L=6cm or 10 cm, D=2 cm), with a G1/4" threaded connection.


Electro-Mechanical details:

The Transducer converts Physical values (water tension) to electrical standard outputs.

There are 4 basic models, differing from each other by the output mode and the measuring range:


For most mineral soils:

  a) 4-20mA output, range of 0-100cb

  b) 0-2V output, for range of 0-100cb


For soilless media or sand:

  c) 4-20mA output, for range of 0-20cb.

  d) 0-2V output, for range of 0-20cb.

טנסיומטר אנלוגי
סכימת ניטור מרחוק-857x255.jpg

Measured changes of Currency or Voltage outputs are proportional to changes of water tension and thus, reflect the changes of soil moisture levels.


Operation Power:

For 4-20mA models: 10-24V

for 0-2V models: 3-12V (with Voltage stabilizer)


Temperature compensation: Between 0-70C0

Length of cable between the sensor and the Logger– up to about 200 M. (2 wires)

General remarks:

 a) The top cap, using for water refill, must always be hermetically closed.

 b) In order to prevent algae growth, we recommend adding a few drops of liquid home Chlorine solution to the pipe, or, alternatively, cover the transparent part by an Aluminum foil or other materials.


Options with special orders:

To use with an angular tensiometer for shallow media.

An additional Mechanical gauge, instead of the top cap, for onsite readings.

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