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עמי טנס - העיניים שלך באדמה

About Us

AMI Tens Ltd. (Formerly known as A.M.I Ltd) is a well-known Israeli producer and seller of Tensiometers, Soil Water Samplers and a variety of accessories being used for monitoring Soil Moisture, Fertilizers and Salinity in the soil.

מיני טנסיומטר
טנסיומטר זוויתי אנלוגי
טנסיומטר מכאני

The company has over 3 decades of experience in development, production and marketing of the products.

AMI's products are important tools for farmers to decide when and how much to irrigate, how to fertilize properly or avoid extra salinity. Rational use of AMI's products is a key for Precise Agriculture policy in which Basic inputs, such as water and fertilizers are efficiently used to increase growth and yields, while saving precious sources, saving costs and contribute to environment protection. 


AMI TENS's manual devices are commonly used by farmers worldwide, as a simple, economical and reliable method of optimization of water use.

 However, AMI TENS is recently focusing in the integration of electronic adaptors that link tensiometers to computerized Irrigation Controllers or Data Loggers that allow: Remote Monitoring , Automatic irrigation, Real-Time alarming and/or Historical data analysis.


AMI's products, are well known all over the world in their high quality and excellent performance, and they are backed-up by AMI's efficient and kind service.


Among many of AMI's satisfied customers we can find People from the academy, researchers, agronomists, irrigation companies, project managers and plenty of ordinary farmers bigger or smaller, from all over the world.

AMI's technology is user friendly, suitable to most kind of crops and soils and, not less important,...suitable for any budget.   


The basis of our product line is the porous ceramic cap, designed for absorbing soil water. As it is linked to the main body's pipe, it can be used for both uses – 

1. As a Tensiometer for soil moisture monitoring (by reading water tension) 

2. 2. As a Soil water Sampler (Extractor) that collects samples of soil water by suction power.


Based on the 2 main products, we offer a great variety of sub- models, each adapted to different soils, different depths, or different applications. We can also easily adapt the products to match special customers' requests.


AMI's products are produced in accordance to ISO9001 guidelines and we pay close attention to any customer.

 You are kindly welcomed to surf in this site and, in case you are interested, or need more information, don't hesitate! contact us today or send your request through our contact page and we will reply as soon as possible.

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